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LIU CHIA LIANG (Filmografía)

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  • Liu Chia Liang (Lau Kar Leung)

    1953- Crossing Yuanyang River by Night (Coreógrafo)

    1953- How Huang Feihong Defeated 3 Bullies with a Single Rod (Actor)

    1955- Huang Feihong´s Victory at Fourth Gate (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Saved the Dragon´s Mother´s Temple (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Set Fire to Dashatou (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Thrice Captured Su Shulian in the Water (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Thrice Tricked the Girl Bodyguard (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Vanquished the 12 Tigers (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully at the Red Opera Float (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Terrible Hound at Shamian (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong and the Lantern Festival Disturbance (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong at a Boxing Match (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong Attends the Joss-Stick Festival at Heavenly Goddess Temple (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong goes to a Birthday Party at Guanshan (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong Rescues the Fishmonger (Actor)

    1956- How Fangtangjiang Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl (Actor)

    1956- How Huang Feihing Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong Wins the Dragon Boat Race (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong´s Battle at Shuangmendi (Actor)

    1956- Huang Feihong´s Fight in Foshan (Actor)

    1956- Love and Hate (Actor)

    1956- White Crane Heroes, The (Actor)

    1956- Wu Song´s Bloody Fight on Lion´s Boxer (Actor)

    1957- Devil´s Sword (Actor)

    1957- How Huang Feihong Smashed the Flying Dagger Gang (Actor)

    1957- How Huang Feihong Spied on Black Dragon Hill at Night (Actor)

    1957- Hold-Up on the Road to Hell (Actor)

    1957- How Huang Feihong Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster´s Home (Actor)

    1957- Huang Feihong and the Battle of Saddle Hill (Actor)

    1957- Huang Feihong´s Battle with the Lion King (Actor)

    1957- Huang Feihong´s Fight at Henan (Actor)

    1957- Ne Zha´s Adventures in the Heavenly Palace (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong gets Rid of the Three Rascals (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong Saves the Kidnapped Liang Kuan (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong Seizes the Bride at Xiguan (Actor)

    1958- How Huang Feihong Used an Iron-Fowl against the Eagle (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong´s Battle with the Bullies in the Boxing Ring (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong´s Fierce Battle (Actor)

    1958- Huang Feihong´s Victory at Ma Village (Actor)

    1959- How Huang Feihong Defeated the Tiger on the Opera Stage (Actor)

    1959- How Oriole the Heroine Caught the Murderer (Actor)

    1959- How Oriole the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies (Actor)

    1959- Huang Feihong Trapped in the Hell (Actor)

    1959- On the Road to Success - Part 1 (Actor)

    1959- On the Road to Success - Part 2 (Actor)

    1959- Rascal he on Fire, The (Actor)

    1959- Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl - Part 1 (Actor)

    1959- Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl (Grand Finale) (Actor)

    1959- White Lady´s Reincarnation (Actor)

    1960- Story of Wong-Un the Heroine, The (Actor)

    1960- Book and the Sword - Part 2 (Actor)

    1960- Deadly Whip of Bones, The (Actor)

    1960- Heroines Queen, The (Actor)

    1960- How Na Zha Rescued his Mother from the Snake Mountain (Actor)

    1960- Huang Feihong´s Battle with the Gorilla (Actor)

    1960- Huang Feihong´s Combat in the Boxing Ring (Actor)

    1960- Iron Arms and the Boxer (Actor)

    1960- Snow Peak Nymph, The (Actor)

    1960- Tao Lung Fighting against Fin Kum Kong (Actor)

    1960- Two Orphans Conquered the Dragon at Tianshan (Actor)

    1961- Showdown at Ching-Seng Hill (Actor)

    1961- Decisive Battle at Nan Ling Temple (Actor)

    1961- Attack of the 5 Fairies Monastery, The (Actor)

    1961- Breakthrough, The (Actor)

    1961- China at Dawn (Actor)

    1961- Combat Between Seven Swords and Five Dragons (Actor)

    1961- How Huang Feihong Smashed the Five Tigers (Actor)

    1961- Lady Lightning Among Swordsmen (Actor)

    1961- Secret Book - Part 1 (Actor)

    1961- Secret Book - Part 2 (Actor)

    1961- Sword of Vengeance - Part 2 (Actor)

    1962- Secret Book - Part 3 (Actor)

    1962- Beauty and the Swordsman, The (Actor)

    1962- Birth of Yue Fei, The (Actor)

    1962- Blazing Volcano, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1962- Blonde Hair Monster, The (Actor)

    1962- Grandest of all Families (Actor)

    1962- Hero of the Twin Swords and the Magic Whip (Actor)

    1962- How Na Zha Shattered Heaven to Save his Mother (Actor)

    1962- Story of the Sword (Actor)

    1962- Young Sparrow in Fight (Actor)

    1962- White-Bone Sword - Part 2 (Actor)

    1963- Strange Hero Flying Swallow, The (Actor)

    1963- Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery - Part 1 (Actor)

    1963- Golden Coat - Part 1 (Actor)

    1963- Magic Sword - Part 1 (Actor)

    1963- Magic Sword - Part 2 (Actor)

    1963- Magic Whip, The (Actor)

    1963- Murder at the Pier (Actor)

    1963- New Tale of the Flying Crane - Part 2 (Actor)

    1963- South Dragon, North Phoenix (Coreógrafo)

    1963- Story of the Sword and the Sabre - Part 2 (Cameo)

    1963- Swordman and the Swordswoman, The (Actor)

    1964- Golden Hairpin - Part 3 (Actor)

    1964- Amorous Lotus Pan, The (Actor)

    1964- Five Swordsmen (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1964- Flying Fox, The (Actor)

    1964- White-Boned Pin - Part 1 (Actor)

    1964- Willow Knife, The (Coreógrafo)

    1964- Noxious Palm (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1964- Romantic Musketeer (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1964- Seven Tigers (Actor)

    1964- She´s a Musketeer - Part 1 (Actor)

    1964- Sword of Justice (Coreógrafo)

    1965- All-Powerful Flute - Part 1 (Actor)

    1965- Black Rose (Actor)

    1965- Drop of Chivalrous Blood - Part 1 (Actor)

    1965- Furious Buddha´s Palm, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1965- Furnance of Heavenly Fire, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1965- Hero and the Beauty - Part 1 (Actor)

    1965- Hero and the Beauty - Part 2 (Actor)

    1965- In Pursuit of the Murderer (Coreógrafo)

    1965- Lotus Lamp, The (Stuntman)

    1965- Loyalty (Actor)

    1965- Sons of Good Earth (Cameo)

    1965- Story of the Sword and the Sabre - Part 2 (Actor)

    1965- Story of the Sword and the Sabre - Part 4 (Actor)

    1965- Temple of the Red Lotus (Coreógrafo, Actor, Cameo)

    1965- Treasure Hunt (Coreógrafo)

    1965- Two Swordswomen (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1965- Whatever you Say, my Darling Wife (Actor)

    1966- Infernal Gate - Part 1 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Infernal Gate - Part 2 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Aftermath of a Fire - Part 1 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Aftermath of a Fire - Part 2 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Big Chase, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1966- Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua Shattered the Black Dragon Gang (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1966- Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua, The (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Fire Dragon and the Mythical Pearl (Actor)

    1966- Golden Bat, The (Coreógrafo)

    1966- One Duel Too Many - Part 1 (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1966- One Duel Too Many - Part 2 (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1966- Romance of the Sword (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Jade Bow, The (Coreógrafo, Cameo)

    1966- Jade in the Red Dust - Part 1 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Jade in the Red Dust - Part 2 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Jade in the Red Dust (Grand Finale) (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Lady Bond (Coreógrafo)

    1966- El trío magnífico (The Magnificent Trio) (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1966- Return of the Golden Bat (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind - Part 1 (Coreógrafo)

    1966- Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind - Part 2 (Coreógrafo)

    1967- El espadachín manco (One-Armed Swordsman) (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Golden Cat, The (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Lady in Black Cracks the Gate of Hell (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Lady in Distress: The Invincible Fighter (Coreógrafo)

    1967- King Cat (Actor)

    1967- Lady Black Cat Strikes Again (Coreógrafo, Cameo)

    1967- Rape of the Sword (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- The Assassin (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Black and the White Cats, The (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Black Killer, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Black Swan, The (Actor)

    1967- Brave Girl, The (Actor)

    1967- Charming Little Bird, The (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Flying Killer, The (Coreógrafo)

    1967- How to Sacred Fire Heroic Winds Defeat the Fire Lotus Array (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Girl in Red (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Iron Lady against the One-eyed Dragon, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Lady with a Cat´s Eyes (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Professionals, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- She´s So Brave! (Coreógrafo)

    1967- Sweetest Moment, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967- Sword and the Lute, The (Actor)

    1967- The Thundering Sword (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1967-Trail of the Broken Blade, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1968- Assassinator, The (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Avenging Sword, The (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Blue Falcon (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Deadly Dragon Sword, The (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Decree of the Fire Dragon (Actor)

    1968- Dragon Fortress, The (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Fight for the Agreement (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Golden Swallow (Coreógrafo, Cameo)

    1968- Grand Duel, The (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Three Heroines - Part 1 (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Three Heroines - Part 2 (Coreógrafo)

    1968- How Huang Fei Hong Vanquished the Monster and Conquered the 9 Fractions (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Iron Fiddle (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Nu Zha´s Adventure in the Eastern Sea (Coreógrafo)

    1968- Red Lamp Shaded in Blood (Actor)

    1968- The Silver Fox (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1968- Sword of Swords, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1968- Unicorn Fortress (Coreógrafo)

    1968- White Dragon, The (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1969- Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Red Rose, The Beautiful Avenger (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Invincible Fist, The (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Charming Killer, The (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Dead End (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Flying Dagger, The (Coreógrafo, Cameo)

    1969- Flying Thief, White Flower (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Gentleman Sword, The (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Little Warrior, The (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Mysterious Weapon (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Redress (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1969- Singing Thief, The (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Supreme Sword (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Three Encounters (Coreógrafo)

    1969- Twelve Deadly Coins (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1970- A Bewitched Princess (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Desperados, The (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Heroic Ones, The (Coreógrafo)

    1970- I´ll get you one Day (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Modern School Life (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Naked Runner, The (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Singing Killer, The (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Swordswomen Three (Coreógrafo)

    1970- Winged Tiger (Coreógrafo)

    1971- El rey águila (King Eagle) (Coreógrafo)

    1971- Six Assassins (Actor)

    1971- Anonymous Heroes (Coreógrafo)

    1971- Deadly Duo, The (Coreógrafo)

    1971- Duel of Fists (Coreógrafo)

    1971- Hooded Swordsman (Coreógrafo)

    1971- Mighty Couple (Coreógrafo)

    1971- New-One-Armed Swordsman, The (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Angry Guest, The (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Boxer from Shantung, The (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Delightful Forest (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Four Riders (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Man of Iron (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Trilogy of Swordsmanship (Coreógrafo)

    1972- Water Margin, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Delinquent, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Blood Brothers, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Breakout from Oppression (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1973- Generation Gap, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Iron Bodyguard, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Pirate, The (Coreógrafo)

    1973- Police Force (Coreógrafo)

    1974- A Mad World of Fools (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Five Shaolin Masters (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Friends (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Heroes Two (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Men from the Monastery (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Na Cha the Great (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Savage Five, The (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Shaolin Martial Arts (Coreógrafo)

    1974- Three Styles of Hung Fissst (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1974- Young Lovers on Flying Wheels (Coreógrafo)

    1975- All Men are Brothers (Coreógrafo)

    1975- Disciples of Shaolin (Coreógrafo)

    1975- Fantastic Magic Baby, The (Coreógrafo)

    1975- Spiritual Boxer (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1976- Boxer Rebellion (Coreógrafo)

    1976- El desafío de los maestros (Challenge of the Masters) (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1976- Master of the Flying Guillotine (Coreógrafo)

    1976- Ming Patriots, The (Coreógrafo)

    1977- Los vengadores de Shaolin (Executioners from Shaolin) (Director, Coreógrafo, Cameo)

    1977- Secret of the Shaolin Poles, The (Coreógrafo)

    1978- Las 36 cámaras de Shaolin (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1978- Dirty Kung Fu (Coreógrafo)

    1978- Shaolin contra ninja (Heroes of the East) (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1978- Shaolin Mantis (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1979- Ho el sucio (Dirty Ho) (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1979- Fists and Guts (Coreógrafo)

    1979- Mad Monkey Kung Fu (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1979- Shadow Boxing, The (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1980- Citizen Shaw (Actor)

    1980- Clan of the White Lotus (Coreógrafo)

    1980- Retorno a Shaolin (Return to the 36th Chamber) (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1981- Martial Club (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1981- Las garras de la tigresa (My Young Auntie) (Director, Coreógrafo, Escritor, Actor)

    1982- Cat vs. Rat (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1982- Legendary Weapons of China (Director, Coreógrafo, Escritor, Actor)

    1982- Shaolin Drunken Monk (Director asistente, Coreógrafo)

    1983- El luchador invisible (The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter) (Director, Coreógrafo, Escritor, Actor)

    1983- Lady is the Boss (Director, Coreógrafo, Escritor, Actor)

    1983- Shaolin Vs Wu Tang (Director, Producer, Coreógrafo)

    1985- Discípulos de la cámara 36 (Disciples of the 36th Chamber) (Director, Coreógrafo, Escritor, Actor)

    1985- El retorno del ninja

    1986- Las artes marciales de Shaolin (Martial Arts of Shaolin) (Director, Cameo)

    1986- The Thirty Million Dollar Rush (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1987- Evil Cat (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1988- Bloody Fight (Actor)

    1988- Dragon Family, The (Coreógrafo)

    1988- Tiger on the Beat (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1989- Pedicab Driver (Actor)

    1989- A bloody fight  

    1989- Killer angels  

    1990- Aces go Places 5 - The Terracotta Hit (Director)

    1990- New Kids in Town (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1990- Tiger on the Beat 2 (Director, Coreógrafo)

    1991- Banquet, The (Cameo)

    1992- Operation Scorpio (Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1992- Spirit of the Dragon (Actor)

    1992- Twin Dragons, The (Cameo)

    1993- Bare-Footed Kid, The (Coreógrafo)

    1993- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 3 (Coreógrafo)

    1994- La leyenda del luchador borracho (Drunken Master 2) (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    1994- Drunken Master 3 (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    2002- Drunken Monkey (Director, Coreógrafo, Actor)

    2003- Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (Actor)

    2005- Siete espadas (Seven Swords) (Coreógrafo, Actor)

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